The idea for a Badin Museum came into being when Alcoa donated its original Rent Office building to the town.

In the fall of 1998, under the auspices of Better Badin, a steering committee began work on plans for the museum, and in May of 1999, the building was moved to a new location in the Badin Memorial Park.

An acquisition sub-committee evaluates potential artifacts for the museum's collection.

Friends of Badin Historic Museum raise funds for preservation through memberships in the organization, giving interested citizens the opportunity to invest in this unique museum.

museum building

From Rental Office . . .

In 1916 the Tallassee Power Company erected a small, one-story frame building to serve as the rental office for its commercial and residential properties in town. This office also supervised the water infiltration plant, sewage disposal plant, collection of trash, garbage and other activities incidental to general operation of the town.

. . . to Kindergarten

In 1920 the building was used as a kindergarten for the local children. Later, from time to time, it was used as a community building, but even during long periods when it sat shuttered and silent, Alcoa maintained it well.

. . . to Museum . . .

In 1998, Alcoa donated the building to the town of Badin on condition it be moved to a new location. The Badin Historical Steering Committee was formed, and the decision was made to place the building in the Badin Memorial Park as the town museum. Funding grant proposals were written, approvals received, and on May 12, 1999, the old building was moved to its new home.

In 1999 an acquisition committee was formed to establish guidelines for evaluation and accepting artifacts for the museum's collection.

Also in 1999 The Friends of the Musum Committee formed an organization wherein, for a small membership fee, residents of Badin and others interested in the historic preservation of the area have the opportunity to invest in this unique museum.

. . . to a Building with an Historic Past and a Bright Future.

— text by Bridget Huckabee